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Hey all!, thought I would make a fun meme about Super/Hero/s :superla: 

Sometimes in our own minds, we like to picture what the perfect Super/Hero/s would look like, act like, and so on…

So I present to all of you with this meme, * You can do this if you want to, up to you* “What kind of Super/Hero/s do you think is to you?”

 *Remember, this is your own opinion, it’s meant to be just for fun ^-^ *

Here we go!  :D

1. Is this a "Hero" *Regular* or a "Super Hero" *powers and such* ?

- Hero  - Super Hero   - A hero's a hero, there both the same thing :P


2. What is the hero’s age?

- Child  - Teenager  - Young Adult  - Adult  - Ancient  - Unknown  - Other?


3. Would you prefer a Hero or an Anti- hero?

- Hero   - Anti-hero   - Either/or


4. Personality? *list them if you can*

 5. Dose the hero work…..

- In a team   - With a side kick   - With anybody   - All   - None, the hero works alone   - Other?


6. What height would this hero be?

- Tall   - Short   - In-Between    - Other?


7. What body/size type?

- Circle   - Rectangular   - Diamond   - Cone   - Oval   - Square   - Other?


8. What time dose the hero come out to take action on a daily bases ?

- Hero by Day    - Hero by Night   - Anytime   - The whole Day/Night


9. The hero’s iconic colours ?   *write them down*


10. What kind of heroic cloths? *Describe if you like*

- Tights   - Capes, Hats, Masks   - Uniform   - Leather   - Body Armor*tech or not*

- None, Just average clothing   - Some of these  - Other?


11. What Species is the hero?

- Human   - Animal  - Robot  - Alien  - Monster  - Un-dead  - Ghost   - Half/half  - Other?


12. The Hero's strength is strong enough to...

- lift an island   - lift a city bus   - lift average weight  - Not much strength at all   - Mixed/Other?


 13. Best strength in Movement?

-Fast Runner   - Flying/Floating   - Jumping/hopping   - Fast Swimmer   - Climber   - Average  - Mixed/Other?


14. Transportation?

- Car/Race car   - Motorcycle/Bike   - Speed boat   -Plane/Jet   - Rocket   - Submarine  

- Doesn’t need one   - Sometimes needs one   - Other?


15. Fighting Skill?

- Boxing     - Karate   - Wrestling   - Kung-fu   - No specific fighting style   - All of the above

- None of the above   - Other?


16. Dose the hero use Weapons/Gadgets?

- Yes   - No   - Sometimes


17. If “Yes/Sometimes”, what kind of Weapons/Gadgets?

- Guns  - Swords/Knifes   - Bow and Arrow/Cross Bow  - Boomerang   - Numb-chucks  - Bombs

 - Hammer  - Robots   - Lasers    - Axe    - Shield   - Other?


18. Other abilities the hero might have?

- Vision powers   - Reading minds   -Invisibility   - Controlling elements *fire,water,etc…*  

- Magic   - Speaking in many different other languages   - Transformation   - Creating stuff  

- Stretch/Elastic  - Has no other abilities   - Other?

19. The Hero’s goal/s?

- Being a true hero   -Protecting/Saving the world   - Protecting/Saving a City 

- Protecting/Saving the hero’s own home/area     - Bragging rights

- Protecting/Saving the people that the hero is very close with *friends, family, love, etc….*  

- Seeking revenge after a possible past tragedy   - All or some   - Other?


20. Any Weakness?

- Seeing the people that the hero is very close with in danger  

- A sudden injury spot *like in the heel or something…*    

 - Power drained/weakened by an unknown source  - No weakness  - Other?


21. Helpful boosts?

- Help from a team   - Help from Sidekick   - Help from anyone   - Help from a special ingredient/invention   - All   - None   - Other?


22. Where does the Hero live?

- In a regular house   - A layer underground   - In the sky   - Up a tree   - Nowhere, lives anywhere

- Other?

23. Dose the hero hid his/her identity? or not?

- Hides   - Dose not hide  -Depends


24.  Lastly, would you like to see your Ideal hero in real life?

- Yes, that would be awesome!   - Not really, I would be too nervous   - Neutral


Hope you enjoyed reading this meme

Thanks in advance if you answered c:

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Disney Hercules Songs


Artist | Other
-> Nationality: Canadian c:
BG: Polish, (a bit of Welsh and Ukraine) Italian :D

->Favorite genre of music: Rock,Techno,other

->Favorite style of art: A mix of different cartoon styles .3.
( but mostly a bit of variety )

->I draw with my right hand (trust me, I tried drawing with my left, its
a scribbley mess x/ )

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