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Happy Easter Everybody!!! 
Easter Bunny Basket Static :bunnyla: Pixel: Easter Egg  :D
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Hey guys!

Sorry for the late updates, lots of things happen this March Break/recently
here are the updates

- March break volunteering at the art day camp was really fun, lots of fun helping out,
doing art stuff and so forth. :nod 

I might try to do some more volunteering there in the summer, I just need to
see the schedule to see the availability.  

- My laptop had more issues then I thought, not only a virus, but the screen kept breaking up
flickering bright lights and giant bar like colours kept filling the screen (it was starting to look like the error on a TV set) it was either
the cause of overheating, crashed out completely or something else. =_=

In short, I now have a new laptop, works pretty good c:
I had to try to do a little bit of tasks here and there on it through out the week
so it was a bit hard to be on here
plus I was volunteering, so there was not much I could do.

and just today it was all about transferring data from my old one to the new one
it was a long day :s 

- Warm weather coming through Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! , definitely feeling much better outside here,
hopefully snow would be gone by April or sooner
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Hey guys,
already two weeks away before the end of this month!

Time flies by so quick Confused 

- Volunteering at a day camp this coming March break, gonna be fun :D (I just hope the weather is good to me when traveling to the place where I am volunteering at.)

- Doing a collab illustration project (so excited, I’ll explain more about that in time) Emoticon drawing 

I find that so far 2017 has been ok, a few bumps here and there, but its a much better year then last year was. :)

So in other words so far so good

*Edit ->Feb,21/17* Why are my journal entry's showing up in my Deviations?
they only show up in the featured section of my page, but when I brows through my gallery there gone
I'm a little confused o_o

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Happy Valentine's  Day Everybody!!! c:
Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Its really annoying =_=
Its bin going on for awhile

Tried updating my internet security, checking for unwanted downloads, trying to block the links, etc...
but its as if the virus is invisible, invisible enough that my internet security 
can't even detect it 

I keep getting random pop ups,adds, other search engines that the virus
keeps wanting me to use, it even sometimes freezes the internet until
I agree to some sort of contract (which you should NEVER click!)

In short, really hard virus to get rid of :mad: 
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Hi everybody

I am back from my trip, got home pretty late last night, so a bit tired at the moment
( but when you are an early bird, its hard to sleep in, one of my habits I guess, but also
I actually like being an early bird after all :P )

anyway, now its back to reality, time for the year 2017
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Heading off today on a trip with my family
I'll be back on the 7th of January c:

I hope everybody has a Happy *Early* New Year!
lets see what 2017 will bringParty  {F2U} Red Firework BulletRedbull glomp  Fireworks Crazy La :iconlacrazyplz: 
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Merry Christmas everybody!!! 
Christmas La  :candycane: Pixel: Gift  Christmas smiley :merry christmas: 
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Hi everybody, some mini updates for you guys


* First off, A big Thank You!  :CameraGlomp: 

- I like to thank you all for the positive comments in the last entry It made me really happy 


* Next, Getting back on track with art stuff/Art course completed  Emoticon drawing 

I forgot to say I finally finished the art course and gained some new tricks in Photoshop

(hope to remember them while continuing with my future projects xP)


* Also, Getting ready for the holidays Christmas La 

- Getting gifts in order, best to do it now then last minute, especially when shopping malls get packed

- I will be heading off on a trip with my family on December 30th, I won’t be back until the 7th of January, but that’s a long way away, so no rush


That’s all for now :D

PS: Its snowing like crazy here It's snowing. 

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Hey everybody

Sorry that I have not posted art/journal or talked much in awhile, Its bin a rough October and November this year,

- I recently had a big seizure in October, I had not had this one like it in years, it happened on the way back from my art class, I was so upset, I thought that I had past that stage and just end up with simple auras, that’s it. Now my medication is up (not a big fan of this)

- About a week after that, my grandma passes away (from my mom side), she lived a good life, still miss her though,
(R.I.P Grandma Rose )

- Then during November, finding a paid job issues, I keep trying and trying, and I keep thinking positive about this I know, but lately every now and then, I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find one, at least volunteering is keeping me going for now

So in short, this year has definitely been up and down

Now I can’t wait for 2017, in hopes it won’t be as bad as this mixed up year 

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Hi everybody!

Hope everyone is enjoying September so far

At this time, I am doing some volunteer work * in other words “work to get your foot in the door” kind of thing, this should improve my resume as well :P *

- I am volunteering at a school library and volunteering at a program I once took 1 or 2 years ago. I feel very welcomed at both places, I just hope when I get a paid job, I will be able to still do some volunteer work at these places *or at least one of them*

I may also try to volunteer at something in some art element as well, I think there are a few that I know of that I will check out

I’ll see what happens  :shrug:


- Also taking an art course once a week, learning a bit more of Photoshop skills, Such as trying to cut out the perfect circle with the circle tool *I tend to have problems with it sometimes, especially when I want to cut out the exact place that I was going for  -_- *


- Getting use to my new tablet, it’s quite neat  :D

Just need to practice with the sensitivity on it
Hopefully will do well with other artworks I proceed to work on


That’s it for now ^-^

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Hey guys, mini update

First off, thanks again for the birthday wishes yesterday :D

Second, starting to get back into the swing of things with my drawings
sketches for now of course, but there are a few i'm working on that I Emoticon drawing 
hopefully can get fully done

I have also made other great progress with other tasks I am working on 
*but I'll get back to you on those later*

Anyhow, time to continue to enjoy/getting use to this new age :P

*Update* Sept 6/16*

Hey guys! just a quick update on my tablet, turns out the Windows 10 upgrade was the cause of my tablet/pen error
and unfortunately, both tablet and pen can't really be repaired :c  

So now, I have received a new tablet as a late gift from my dad :D
I can't wait to use Photoshop again (its bin so long since I used Photoshop ono)
but I will always still remember my old one that has bin with me for a long,long time c:
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:happy birthday: 26, feeling neutral :P, I think its because I got some years left before I finally pass the 20's age
but that's a long way away, so not yet ^-^

time to enjoy this new age while I can :D

I thank you all ever so much for your birthday wishes and continuing to stick with me on DA
:CameraGlomp: Redbull glomp  Tight Hug 
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Happy Canada Day guys! Canada 
hope you're all having fun c:

Now some updates, hard time completing some art related tasks
rather its being distracted or different other tasks in general

and one of those other tasks is, of course, is job hunting
closest ones I can find are basic government related (I think they are, I'll recheck it)
I think they are pretty close to what I had in mind, if not, a job is a job I suppose, art could
be just a hobby for me, well for now until I find a job that is definitely in my job element

That's it for now Canada 

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yay! :la: Sun Put your fingers in the air 
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Hi everybody
Spring weather has finally started over here, yay! :D Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! 

Still problems with the tablet pen, I may end up replacing it or try and update the tablet again 
for now I,m continuing to manage to sketch stuff *in the art programs that
I am able to use with this glitch*

I'll update soon on that

Job search is doing ok, found some more good ones * some are even drawing related! c: *
going over them with some help at the moment to see if they are jobs I could manage, but also again,
closely matching some of my qualifications at least

that's it for now ^-^
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Hope you enjoy it :D Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Easter egg AAUUGHH 

*Its always weird how Easter goes back and forth between 2 months each new year,
can be hard to keep track of it sometimes, oh well :shrug:*
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My tablet pen is acting funny for a few days :s
the pen tip side keeps being stuck on select mode, yet the eraser side is more functional
and can do more then one task?  and one of them right now its being used to draw with

* luckily this strange "eraser, drawing, part, bug" works on a few art programs at least * 

I tried replacing the tip, reinstalling the tablet software, changing pen settings, but no good
I think it might have to do with the pen accidentally falling on the ground a couple of times
or something

I guess it finally decided to act like as if I am being trolled o-o

So right now I seem to be getting use to drawing with the eraser side * feels like I am drawing
with a thick marker *
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Hey everyone, just got back from my trip!
and that means back to reality

I thought about a lot of things through the trip, now its
just trying to accomplish/solve and organize, slow but steady ya know? 

anyway, like I said before, lets see how this month goes

Art will be posted as soon as I can, just more organizing on that
as well c:

Side note: managed to see a few movies 
over break, both "Zootopia" and "The Peanuts Movie", enjoyed them both ^-^
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I remember a few of you recommend alot cartoon shows and comics here and there for me to

watch/read :D

Wondering if you all could list some for me if you can *type in this journal* ^-^


I am just trying to find more to watch/read that I might be missing out on, also to help me with ideas

on themes and such  c:

always love to see your suggestions :D   Tv Emoticon  book 

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